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Welcome . . .

Hello to anyone stumbling across this blog! This is my very first blog post on here and I expect no one will read it. Despite that fact, I will explain a little about myself and what the nature of my blog will be.
     My name is Ashley. I am 23 years old. Northeastern Illinois is where I live. I have a Bachelors degree in elementary education. With that said, I'm a certified teacher for elementary school, as well as for middle school science and language arts. Currently, I work as a middle school science teacher.
     These are all fine and dandy facts about myself, but the important stuff that brings me to this interweb blog is nature and travelling! I have traveled much of the U.S. and I am striving to branch out elsewhere whenever money and time will allow me to. Hiking and camping are my go-to activities when it comes to travelling but I have come to enjoy the cities too.
     This blog will be a combination of text posts and videos posted to my Youtube channel, which is…