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     Hi! My name is Ashley. I'm from the Chicago area, born and raised. Right now, I'm 23 years old. For this year, I am teaching junior high science for a living. It is possible that my students are lurking about on my sites, so keep that in mind while you browse and comment! Soon I will also be volunteering at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. I love animals and currently have two dogs named Haley and Buddy and a cat named Misty.
     If it isn't evident from my blog, I love to travel. I particularly enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping. To me, being in nature is a large part of what makes life worth living. In today's technological age, many people confine themselves to the comfort of their home, where they can have WiFi all the time and watch a seemingly endless amount of shows on Netflix. This is all well and good, and for some people, this is enough to make them happy. To me, there's nothing like getting out and experiencing the sites first-hand-- not just see them on a screen.
     When it comes to travelling, I often tend to be frugal. Thus, my adventures are all very low-budget-- but with all the places I manage to see, sometimes you wouldn't guess that! I have yet to leave the United States in my travels, but I plan on changing that as soon as possible.

Enjoy my blog!

Send an email at: treesandtravels1@gmail.com
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  1. Your blog is inspiring me to create one of my own on my website, great work.

  2. I saw you liked one of my tweets on Twitter so came to your page and found your blog. Great blog!


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