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I Love My Yes4All Hammock

Throughout my adventures in the last year, I've whipped out my Yes4All hammock whenever I've had the opportunity. It's appeared in some of my YouTube videos and blog posts. I kind of want to rant and rave about what a good deal this purchase has been. Yes this is a paid product placement-- as in if you read this post and buy the hammock using the link at the bottom, I get a little cut from Amazon. Just a little thing I'm trying out.

The Pros      Anyhow, about the product-- I purchased this hammock about 13 months ago based on price and reviews. The Yes4All Ultralight Double Hammock with Tree Straps has proven to be well worth the money for me. The hammock is rated 4 stars on Amazon, but I rate it 4.5 stars.
     It's spacious, sturdy, and cheap-- there isn't much more you could ask for. I've used it about a dozen times, mostly by myself. I have tried it with another person a few times though, and it didn't break! The weight limit as provided by Ye…

Plenty of Water at Matthiessen State Park!

As many who follow my blog or channel know, I often visit Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. For quite some time, I've known that there are multiple other state parks right in the same area as Starved Rock. Included in those state parks would be Buffalo Rock State Park, Illini State Park, and Matthiessen State Park. I finally ventured to Matthiessen. Needless to say, I was not disappointed one bit!
     There have been some photos that I've seen of Matthiessen in the past involving stone steps crossing water and such. That was the main spot I wanted to find while I was there. With a slight amount of internet research, I found that the area I was looking for is in the Dells area of the park. I quickly found that my GPS was not bringing me to the right place-- in fact, it was bringing me to a closed road. Luckily there were several signs in the area which redirected me.
      I would say I was surprised as to how many people were there, but there is a pretty decent explan…