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Reuse Water Bottles and Save the World!

Water Bottles from Faucet Face     Sturdy, leak-free, and keeps water tasting fresh-- I can't ask for much more in a water bottle. Faucet Face's glass bottles are perfect for replacing single-use plastic bottles that folks often take to work or school every single day.
     Faucet Face has a variety of fun designs on their glass bottles and sell stainless steel bottles as well. Either way, your water will remain tasty without spooky chemicals sneaking in. By investing in one of these bottles, you can save money and help conserve the Earth's resources.

Amazing Design and Quality      I've been using three of Faucet Face's glass bottles (as pictured) on a regular basis. Mostly, I've been taking them with me to work. They've also come with me on hikes near the Grand Canyon-- I have to keep plenty of water with me in the desert! Use these bottles on a daily basis for working out, yoga, hiking, or even just use them at home.
     I must say I've abused thes…