Reuse Water Bottles and Save the World!

Water Bottles from Faucet Face

     Sturdy, leak-free, and keeps water tasting fresh-- I can't ask for much more in a water bottle. Faucet Face's glass bottles are perfect for replacing single-use plastic bottles that folks often take to work or school every single day.
     Faucet Face has a variety of fun designs on their glass bottles and sell stainless steel bottles as well. Either way, your water will remain tasty without spooky chemicals sneaking in. By investing in one of these bottles, you can save money and help conserve the Earth's resources.

Amazing Design and Quality

     I've been using three of Faucet Face's glass bottles (as pictured) on a regular basis. Mostly, I've been taking them with me to work. They've also come with me on hikes near the Grand Canyon-- I have to keep plenty of water with me in the desert! Use these bottles on a daily basis for working out, yoga, hiking, or even just use them at home.
     I must say I've abused these bottles a little bit. I often fill them up, throw them in my bag, and end up tossing my bag around a bit. I've accidentally hit my bottle on hard objects, dropped my bag, etc. There have been no leaks or breakage in the bottles! Although they're glass, they can still take a beating. An important thing to note about the glass bottles is to make sure you keep the white disk inside the cap. You need it to keep your bottle from leaking!
     The greatest thing about glass bottles is that your water won't start tasting bad due to chemicals seeping into it. The glass is BPA free. You won't get a metallic taste either like you might with a metal bottle. The liquid will stay cold for quite a while as well.
     As far as the designs go, many of them promote conservation and health such as the "Stay Hydrated" design or "Hose Water" design. The designs are cute-- I got several compliments on my hummingbird bottle! The prints haven't worn away at all from the bottles. I wash them with dish soap and water regularly and notice no fading. You can even look into ordering bottles with a custom design!

EcoFriendly Company

     Apart from the superb quality of the water bottles, Faucet Face itself is a company you'll be happy to support. Faucet Face promotes health and wellness of the individual and of the world as well. The company provides support for keeping yourself hydrated while being active. On more of a global scale, Faucet Face donates portions of their sales to Third Millennium Awakening, a charity that helps improve living conditions--such as clean drinking water--for the Thane district in India.
     Of course there's the benefit for the Earth as a whole of using glass bottles: saving thousands of plastic bottles from being left out in the world. If you're a person who uses a new plastic water bottle every day, think of how many bottles you'll keep out of our landfills, oceans, and environment over just one year. Conservation is of the highest value to Faucet Face as a company-- and they prove it in their ecofriendly products.

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     I tried three of Faucet Face's bottles and can positively say they will remain my go-to bottles for work for a long time to come. Not only can I vouch for these bottles, I also allowed friends to borrow them for their opinion. Their results were similar to mine-- these bottles are great. If you're looking to do a small part to help out the environment and care for supporting companies whose priorities include health and conservation, give these bottles a try. You'll get your money's worth as well as play a part in saving the Earth.


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