I Love My Yes4All Hammock

     Throughout my adventures in the last year, I've whipped out my Yes4All hammock whenever I've had the opportunity. It's appeared in some of my YouTube videos and blog posts. I kind of want to rant and rave about what a good deal this purchase has been. Yes this is a paid product placement-- as in if you read this post and buy the hammock using the link at the bottom, I get a little cut from Amazon. Just a little thing I'm trying out.

The Pros

     Anyhow, about the product-- I purchased this hammock about 13 months ago based on price and reviews. The Yes4All Ultralight Double Hammock with Tree Straps has proven to be well worth the money for me. The hammock is rated 4 stars on Amazon, but I rate it 4.5 stars.
     It's spacious, sturdy, and cheap-- there isn't much more you could ask for. I've used it about a dozen times, mostly by myself. I have tried it with another person a few times though, and it didn't break! The weight limit as provided by Yes4All is 300 pounds, though it's been tested to hold up to 450 pounds.
     The seams are triple stitched for safety and strength. Sturdy nylon makes the hammock feel durable. Allegedly it is machine-washable, but I have not tested that personally. The straps that come with the product have proven to be strong as well. After about a dozen uses, there is essentially no sign of wear except for the bag that the hammock folds back into. It has torn a little bit, as I am not very tactful when it comes to putting the hammock away. This hasn't affected the quality of the product itself though.
     Working by myself, I can generally set up the hammock in just a couple minutes. The straps are efficient and easy to adjust. Taking down the hammock takes a couple extra minutes. Like I said though, I'm not very tactful at putting it away. It can still be done in about five minutes, even with my clumsiness. Overall, the product is quite easy to use.
     Now onto one of the biggest selling points of the Yes4All hammock-- the price. If you look around online at hammocks, you'll find that there is a wide range of prices. Many of the hammocks online are sold separately from the straps. The great thing about the Yes4All hammock is that it is relaxation-ready-- it comes ready to hang. A very popular brand of hammocks, Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO), has high quality products that come at a much higher price. Mind you, I have not owned an ENO hammock, but I have used one before. I don't honestly find there to be a big difference in comfort, ease of use, or quality compared to my Yes4All hammock. Between about $65 for the ENO DoubleNest hammock and the $20 straps, you'll be running close to $100 dollars including taxes. I bought my hammock with straps for $28. You can buy three Yes4All hammocks for the price of one ENO. Enough said.
     Yes4All does provide some different color options, single-sized hammocks, and the option to buy the hammock without the straps. Some of the color options are plus or minus a few dollars.

The Cons

     Now for the cons. There are hardly any. First, there is the wear on the storage bag after trying to stuff the hammock back into it. There are clear instructions for putting it away in the images on the Amazon product page... Yeah, I didn't follow those. That's my fault. The other slight downside to the product is its weight. It is marginally heavier than some other portable hammocks. If you're planning on doing a through hike of the Appalachian Trail with your hammock, this might be something to look into. Otherwise, it really doesn't make a noticeable difference. For the most part, it's not worth buying an expensive hammock for a difference of less than a pound in weight.

Buy It!

     Overall, I highly recommend this product. Not only do I own one myself, but I bought one for my cousin for Christmas. With the range of only about $25-$35 and its high quality, it's hard to beat this hammock. If you're in the market for buying a hammock, check out the Amazon link-- get relaxing soon!    


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