Comfy and Sturdy Backpack - Ruigor RG6147

Okay, Here's the Thing...

     I am really not trying to turn my blog into a review page for equipment. It comes down to this: sometimes I find that I really love an item that I use in my travels and feel the need to share it with others. While I'm at it, I throw in an Amazon Associates link though *wink*.
     Anyhow, onto my latest find-- the Ruigor RG6147 backpack.

The RG6147

From my Amazon review of the product:
"Upon opening the package, I immediately noticed two things that really got me pumped about this bag:

     First, the straps and back support are wonderfully cushioned and ventilated. I plan on using this bag for a lot of travel and hiking, so the level of comfort on my shoulders and back are very important to me. The padding is far superior to that of the backpacks I've used previously.
The other thing I noticed is the amount of support provided to the laptop compartment. Apart from helping me bring my laptop to Alaska this summer, I probably won't actually use the compartment for my laptop that often. I have some oddly shaped equipment that ends up in my bag, though. My video camera stabilizer often pokes my back in an uncomfortable way through the thin materials in my old backpacks. The Ruigor bag has thick protection for the laptop compartment that will prevent the stabilizer from poking me-- yay!

     Besides what I've already mentioned, the bag has quite a few other notable features. It's pretty sharp looking, regardless of your intended use. I can see this bag being used for school, travel, or even more professional settings.The main compartment is spacious. Relatively large laptops will still fit in the laptop holder with extra room in the compartment. The smallest compartment has organizational pockets, one of which zips. There is also a clip for your key ring on the inside, as well as a headphone slot. All three compartments have two zippers each, which makes it easy to open, but also easy to lock up with small locks. On either side of the bag, there is a decent-sized water bottle holder. Materials used for the bag seem very high-quality-- I don't plan on having to fix rips any time soon!"

     This past week, I stored my laptop and accessories in this bag for a 3,800 mile road trip. I'm typing this review from my laptop-- needless to say, the backpack did an excellent job of protecting my gear. The backpack and contents arrived in the same condition they were when I left, despite being thrown around my car for a week.

     It probably goes without saying, but I gave this backpack 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. I will be using the bag on a nearly every day basis. The purchase and shipping went very smoothly. Swiss Ruigor has several other backpacks available on amazon as well that are worth checking out as well.

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