Go Ape!

     On September 4th, I went to a very cool place for my cousin Allie's 18th birthday. It's called Go Ape in Western Springs, Illinois. It's a treetop adventure place.

Adventure in Store!
     The place has five areas which you go through. Each one requires you to go up a ladder, travel through several obstacles up in the air, and ends with a zipline. Some of these obstacles include a Tarzan swing onto a net, traveling across a gap by putting your feet in rings, and various tricky bridge obstacles. You're hooked up to a harness the whole time, of course. Although there may be points when you get a little scared, it is very safe. The last zipline is about 40 feet up, I think. That was the only spot where I got a little tripped out, but it was the most awesome zipline there. The place might be a little spooky for those who are afraid of heights, but with its level of safety, Go Ape is a great place to try to overcome a fear of heights!

Is it Worth the Money?
     The staff was nice, knowledgeable, and helpful. One drawback was that it was a little bit expensive-- it came to $50-something per person for the group I was with. They give discounts for a variety of reasons, such as birthdays. There are guidelines for ages, weights, etc. on their website. Go Ape has a course for kids as well.
     Overall, this place was pretty sweet. Despite the price, it's still worth it to go at least once and feed your wild side a bit. There are multiple locations throughout the U.S. as well, so if you don't live in Illinois, there may still be an option for you to check out.


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