I'm a Starved Rock Volunteer!

     Today I had an orientation at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois to volunteer on the weekends sometimes. It went very well! I'm very excited about it. It seems that sometimes I'll be working at the information desk, and sometimes I will be leading hiking tours. The guided hikes are particularly what's got me excited. I have a lot of learning to do though before I can give a good tour! Hopefully I can be leading my first hike within the next six weeks or so.
     I plan on going back two weeks from today to learn a bit more before I start signing up for my own shifts. It's also important for me to observe a couple more hiking tours before I lead my own. This should help me figure out what kinds of things to say and what points of interests I should include.
     Anyway, I'll have more updates to come about this in the coming weeks!


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