Could Have, Would Have, Should Have . . .

     Now that I've basically chronicled everything I did during my two day Acadia trip, I thought I would mention some attractions and activities that I did not get to do.
     One thing that you could do would be to visit the towns surrounding Acadia. Bar Harbor in particular would have things for you to do, such as visit many shops and eat at a tasty sea food restaurant. There are numerous other small towns in the area.
     Visit some lighthouses.Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse is the easiest one to get to,  as it is the only one actually on Mt. Desert Island. There are a couple more lighthouses located on the Cranberry Isles.
     With that said, you can visit the Cranberry Isles via ferry. You can also visit other islands that are not part of Acadia but are not far away, but some can only be accessed through charter tours. There are puffins on some of those islands, particularly Machias Seal Island. There are also numerous whale watching tours available in the area.
     One thing that I particularly wish I could have done would be kayaking or canoeing. With so many bodies of water in and around Acadia, you could take your kayak to a different area every day and not run out of spots to go for a month! If you don't have a kayak, there are places to take a kayaking tour or rent kayaks, especially in Bar Harbor.
     Within the park, you can go on a carriage ride on 57 miles worth of roads that are free of automobiles. You can hike and bike there if you want, but there are no cars allowed. Also within the park is Cadillac Mountain, which is the largest mountain in the Acadia. There is a road that goes up the mountain, but somehow we just didn't get to it. Likewise, the Schoodic area is very scenic and accessible for cars. Don't forget the numerous hikes that we didn't get to. Here are some other ideas of places to see inside Acadia.
     Overall, I must say that Acadia was certainly one of the highlights of my summer. There are plenty of things to do there on a longer trip. I hope to return and be able to do some of the things that I missed, as well as revisit some favorite spots.

     That's it for Acadia! Next post will be my Acadia video, which will hopefully be up by Tuesday night. Then I'll be moving on to the next location! Where will I choose . . . Some cities? The Adirondacks? Who knows!


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