Echo Lake Beach and Beech Cliff

     Now to move on to the spots we visited in Acadia . . . Here's NPS Acadia hiking info from the Acadia website and you can refer to my last post to use for some reference.
     We ended up at Echo Lake as our first stop after visiting the Hulls Cover Visitor Center. The beach is pretty small but it appears to be the only lake swimming area in the park. We saw a few loons swimming around close, which was fun to watch. I'm mad because this is where my junk sports action camera randomly stopped working. I could have got some sweet underwater shots of the loons! Anyway, the beach has a lifeguard too. The water was chilly but definitely a better option than ocean swimming in the area as far as water temperature goes.
     The first hike we did in the park was up to Beech Cliff. This was an impromptu hike after visiting Echo Lake Beach and thinking, "Hey, let's go up there!"

     Beech Cliff is on the left side, though you cannot see the entirety of it (I don't have a picture of it for some reason).
     There are a few ways up to Beech Cliff. I believe we went up and came down the same way on the Canada Cliffs trail. Using the Canada Cliffs trail, I would rate the hike as moderate as it has steady elevation gain but not to a strenuous point. It was only a couple miles round-trip. If we would have had a map, I think we would have went up the Canada Cliffs trail and down the Beech Cliff trail back to the beach. It just looks steeper and more exciting (I think there's a ladder involved). Here's the view of the Echo Lake beach from Beech Cliff.

     Overall, the view was pretty nice and well worth the hike up. You get to see views of Echo Lake from one side and of Somes Sound on the other side. You won't regret a visit to this area.


  1. Lovely! I really liked the pics... and the way how smoothly u have written this post... esp. the length of ur blog is what had my attention. Totally valuable, & time-consuming it is.

    It's so irritating to see ur camera stopped workin' when u need it the most taking cool shots. Hope u had a great time out there. Looking forward to reading ur blogs!

    By the way, i like the line: "junk sports action camera". Sounds amazing!! Do let me know the name of the model of ur camera. Would like to check this out.


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