Shifting Gears a Little . . .

     Now that I've finished up blogging about Acadia, it's time to move on! I'm thinking that next I will do my experiences this summer in some major cities that I visited this summer for the first time. These would be Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., New York, and Boston. As I do not have video content for these, I will pair up Philly and D.C. into one video and NYC and Boston into a second video. I will make separate blog posts for each though. After that series, I will switch back to some hiking or something.
     For the long term, I applied to volunteer at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. I applied a while ago and didn't hear anything, and just sent an email to them. Regardless of if I volunteer or not, I will make my way to Starved Rock at least a few times between now and next summer. I'm sure I can get some nice videos and blog material there.
     Anyway, the first city post will be up tomorrow!


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