Provincetown, MA . . . Sort of

     On July 13th, we visited Provincetown, Massachusetts. I will preface this by saying that we did not actually spend any time in the town! Instead, we were enchanted by the Breakwater Walk, which is a path made of boulders and stones leading through the water across to the outermost parts inside the Cape Cod Bay.

     We managed to find free parking, though I couldn't tell you which street it was on. It was only roughly ten minutes from the start of the path.
     The walk was a fun one. It took us about an hour to get across. The boulders are laid unevenly in many areas, so it does take a little bit of effort to make your way to the other side.
     Once we got to the end of the walk, we reached the sandy outer parts of the cape. Upon walking a little father, we came to a small lighthouse. It is the Wood End Lighthouse. It's a small lighthouse, but still worth wandering to.

     Continuing on, we made our way to the waters of the Cape Cod Bay. The beach was beautiful. It was also a bit remote; people only passed through every once in a while. Feeling like you have the beach to yourself just adds to the peace that beaches can often make you feel. We saw a seal--probably a harbor or grey seal--but I couldn't get a picture of it. As far as swimming goes, the water was pretty chilly. It was definitely worth it to put your feet in the water and wade around in shallow water, but for me it was too cold to go for a total dip. There were plenty of pretty pebbles and small rocks on the shore. I collected a few with the intention of making some jewelry out of them. Overall, the beach was simply fantastic.
     Heading back toward Provincetown, we could see the Pilgrim Monument from the Breakwater Walk. Since we were able to see it, we didn't take the drive over to go see it up close. It's very noticeable from many parts of the area, as it is significantly taller than anything else surrounding it. There isn't much to obstruct the view.

     That just about wrapped up our day in Provincetown. Though we didn't take the time to walk around in the town, there were numerous shops and restaurants that looked nice. Everything that we saw in the area had a laid back and pleasant feel to it. I would recommend Provincetown and the Cape Cod region as a stop for any trip in the Northeast. Hopefully I will make it back there some day to actually visit the town!

     On a side note-- I have linked a travel forum to the blog. I'm probably getting ahead of myself, but I would love to get people involved in conversations about their travels and other related things. Please check it out and make some posts. If a few people get on and get some posts on the forum initially, more people are likely to visit and post. Thank you!


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