The Beginning of a Beautiful Trip . . .

     From July 8th through July 24th of this year, my boyfriend and I went on a lovely road trip in the Northeast starting from Norfolk, VA where my boyfriend goes to school.

     Many of my coming posts and videos will be from that trip, since it is still fresh in my mind! I will not make posts in the same order the map goes though and may not make a post for every single post on that map.
     As for the map widget I used . . . It's kind of nifty, isn't it? I made it on Google My Maps. It's useful for making a map to show someone online such as how I used it in this post, but I wouldn't use it for much else other than a visual. My Maps is not very user-friendly in my opinion.
     Anyway, I'm off to film a little intro video for YouTube. I'm thinking that Provincetown, MA will be my next post . . . Hmmm :)


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