The Beehive and Sand Beach

     Before taking our trip to Acadia, we looked quite a bit at trails and what else we should go visit in the park. Again, see NPS Acadia hiking info from the Acadia website and Getting Around Acadia for reference.
     Two trails that really caught our eye were the Precipice Trail and the Beehive/Bowl Trails. Unfortunately, the Precipice Trail is closed during much of the summer due to the presence of endangered peregrine falcons.
     The Beehive Trail did not disappoint though. It has steep climbs, exposed cliffs, a narrow bridge, and iron rungs.

     Headed back toward the bottom, you can see people heading up the cliffs of the Beehive.

Here's that bridge previously pictured. You can fall right off of that thing!

     The hike was pretty short, as the Beehive Trail is only .8 miles. Add some time to get to the trail via the Bowl Trail and return on the Bowl Trail as well. Still it didn't take us more than a couple hours to get up there, relax and enjoy the sites, and come back down. Honestly, don't bring your little kids up there. You know your child's ability better than I do, but I couldn't imagine myself bringing a kid up there who's younger than 13 or so.
     Anyhow, a great thing about coming down from the Beehive is that now you're located right at Sand Beach!

     The water was darn cold for me, but if you are just burning up from that hike, you can come down and take a dip! The rocks and cliffs are beautiful and fun to climb around on, but be advised that they are often pretty slippery.
     This area was convenient to get to and a very fun spot. It is a must for anyone travelling in Acadia.


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